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The cost of an international move is determined by the volume or weight of your shipment. Factors that may affect the cost of your international move are packing services, choice of cargo insurance, door to door service or door to port service.

If there’s anything more difficult than moving across state lines, it’s moving overseas. Adding to the burden of global relocation is the fact that few moving companies are capable of shipping your belongings overseas, and even fewer specialize in international moves. However, House Movers can connect you with top moving companies that specialize in global shipping, known in the business as international movers.

Whether your international relocation is taking you to Buenos Aires or Bombay, good international movers can make all the difference. The relationship you have with your international shipping company is even more important than the one you have with your local movers: international movers are essential in helping you clear customs barriers, navigate unfamiliar cities and feel at home abroad.

House Movers can get you free quotes from international relocation specialists the same way we connect you to other movers.

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